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New: QCPR Classroom APP -

available for free on the App Store for your iPad

We know that effective CPR training can save many lives. However, providing accurate and objective feedback on trainee performance for instructors has been a real challenge for years, until now.


The QCPR Classroom app is now available with feedback and a playful element (QCPR Race Mode) for Little Anne QCPR. In addition to the quality of CPR training, instructors can also increase the efficiency in a large group session and the commitment of training participants. Up to 42 training models can be used simultaneously in one session.

  • Check the performance of each trainee with feedback on compression depth, relief, compression rate and ventilation.
  • Motivate students not only to "pass", but to achieve perfection.
  • Analyze the performance of the entire class and get tips for group improvement.
  • Up to 12 students compete against each other in an exciting and challenging test of their CPR skills.
  • Setting up a CPR classroom has never been easier. The app guides the user in three simple steps.


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