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Fleischhacker worldwide

Over the years, we became one of the largest suppliers for NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and bank-financed aid projects in the area of medical and laboratory equipment. We work with almost all UN organisations, the Red Cross and many other institutions, through long-term agreements or system-contracts.

The international projects we supply are quite different in nature and can vary from the provision of medical and laboratory equipment to more than 1,200 primary health care facilities in remote destinations to the supply, installation, training and maintenance of highly sophisticated solutions including MRIs, CTs, central monitoring systems and endoscopic operating theatres.


Every year we supply to more than 80 countries in all regions of the word and have meanwhile gathered quite good understanding and sense for the needs of local recipients. Thus we know that from the perspective of medical problems, the infrastructural conditions can differ considerably even between neighbouring provinces of the same country.

Product quality

All around the world, we work with the largest and most renowned manufacturers. But wherever brand quality is not important, we also offer high-performance products from cost conscious manufacturers. For these less well-known manufacturers, we have implemented a strict quality assurance system, which is carried out by our offices in Vietnam and Singapore.

Every company must proceed with the following steps:

  • Prequalification/approval of suppliers
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Quality control during the procurement phase


The modular hospital

In addition, we offer complete solutions by combining products to form modules and each module consists of different sets of individual items, depending on your needs. For example, for a provincial hospital in critical situations, we offer an operating theatre module containing an anaesthesia equipment set, which in turn consists of 15 individual items, including sufficient accessories and consumables for 3 months.

  • Mother and child units
  • Burn-Units
  • TB laboratories
  • Blood banks
  • Cardiology departments
  • Emergency treatment centres
  • Operating theatres
  • Intensive care units
  • Sterilization Units
  • Imaging units


Services for international projects

For international projects, the modular approach is supported by the same services that we provide to our german customers. Our Demand Driven Supply System ("DDSS") helps the users to order accessories, spare parts and consumables on our e-business platform. The technicians in our subsidiaries also work on the basis of the same concept for the technical services, which we have successfully established in our domestic market.

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