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Capturing clinical data in a manufacturer-independent system, structuring workflows and processes and making the results available throughout the hospital is an important step towards a comprehensive solution - this is MediConnect®, a market leader for clinical documentation in conjunction with medical devices and systems. We consider a deep and process-oriented integration into your existing IT infrastructure as a matter of course.

MediConnect® Analytics is a valuable, flexible report engine that provides overview of your key indicator figures. By defined templates, the most important scientific and economic aspects are presented in tables or graphics at the push of a button. This is done on the basis of the MediConnect® databases as well as by optionally integrating further SQL databases.

Medical research is increasingly working networks of large and expanding research alliances. In order to make this possible, MediConnect® Research in combination with MediConnect® allows for the required structured data acquisition as well as the possibility of data exchange in consideration of data protection.

With MediConnect® NEO we deliver a professional software solution for your materials management. The software allows you to work effectively from ordering from your suppliers, through goods storage, to goods withdrawal and controlling. Communication with your higher-level systems and integration into your system landscape is a standard part of our service.


IT infrastructure, implementation and software maintenance

What good is even the best IT solution without a project implementation that is customized to the customer and his resources. From planning and project management to training and launch, our project managers and internal project management team will provide you with reliable support.  Good project management and a continuously available IT service are decisive for perfect integration and the maximum and lasting benefit of the system.

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