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Our repertoire of services optimally complements the vast array of products and services we provide: from selecting items for your requirements, structuring of a comfortable and easy purchasing process, to the service over the entire lifetime of the product. This includes:

  • Integration with materials management systems
  • Installation, instruction and training
  • Service and repairs
  • Documentation

Investment Planning

We are not limited by considering only upfront costs and operational potential of new instruments, but also other important aspects such as lifetime, compatibility to other instruments and maintenance.

Installation, instruction and training

Our specially trained technicians install the devices on site and train the users to operate them correctly. This allows you to directly make use of the full performance potential of the technical equipment.



All activities mentioned, from installation to user training and test protocols, are professionally documented in medical-device-books. On request, they can be provided electronically, just like inventory records and user manuals.

Maintenance and repair

The regular inspection of medical devices within safety and metrological controls is required by law for the operators. We carry out repairs in our own workshop or, if necessary, coordinate repairs by the manufacturer.

Our specially trained technicians perform service on more than 50,000 devices annually; at more than 1,000 locations and in accordance with the manufacturers' specifications and current legal requirements.

Repair and guarantee

You can easily send us your request via our digital form. A service representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Guarantee/Repair Form

Safety check

Use our digital form to submit your request in the shortest possible way. A service representative will contact you as soon as possible.


Safety check/repair form
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