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Hospital Futures Act

The digitisation of the health care system provides many opportunities, but also faces hospitals in Germany with significant challenges. The new Hospital Futures Law is intended to provide relief above all in the provision of the financial resources needed for this. The Hospital Futures Law is intended to allow hospitals to make necessary investments in digitisation despite the current COVID 19 pandemic. The scope of the funding amounts to up to 4.3 billion euros. Together with you, we can identify the areas for optimisation and develop solutions for them.


In addition to increasing IT security in hospitals, various projects are being promoted, in particular for the digitalisation of processes and structures in the course of a patient's stay in hospital. With MediConnect® we support you in the digital transformation and optimise your level of digitalisation in order to improve your process quality in the long term.


Exemplary, fundable measures

  • the adaptation of the technical and, in particular, the information technology equipment of the emergency room of a hospital
  • the establishment of a continuous, structured digital documentation of care and treatment services
  • the establishment of a hospital-internal digital process for requesting services and providing feedback on the course of treatment
  • the establishment of telemedical network structures

Contact us and find out how you can benefit from the 11 funding opportunities offered by the KHZG. Take advantage of the investment programme and make your hospital fit for the future.

With our experience and expertise, we will be happy to support you in compiling the necessary facts, in coordination and in implementation.

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