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Guideline compliant work

The transitional regulation for the German medical guideline (RiliBÄK)  2019 ends in December 2021. In the new regulation, new, permissible relative deviations of the individual values or the relative root mean square values of troponin, NT-pro BNP and D-dimer apply.

What will be different for the cobas® h 232 system?
The new version results in the following changes for the performance of internal quality assurance:

For the parameter cardiac troponin (Roche CARDIAC POC Troponin T and CARDIAC T), the permissible relative deviation of the single value or the relative root mean square value changes from currently 21% to 20% (RiliBÄK Table B 1a).
Newly included in the RiliBÄK Table B 1a are the parameters NT-proBNP (Roche CARDIAC proBNP) with 15% and D-dimer (Roche CARDIAC D-dimer) with 20%.
Since the previous devices do not support these settings, we offer you an exchange of the devices for the latest, RiliBÄK-compliant device variant. Therefore, please contact us either by phone at 02304 931 227 or by EMail to kardiologiefleischhackerbiz.

Roche cobas h 232
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