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Results to our Onlineshop survey

Thank you for the enthusiastic participation in our online shop survey, which we conducted in calendar week 28-29. We are pleased about the confirmation that our store is very user-friendly. It was rated on average with a 1.8 according to the school grading system. Our categories in medical technology were even rated with an average of 1.7.

82% of the participants use the filter function to find products even faster. These filters vary depending on the category. For example, you can narrow down items in the gloves category with selection criteria of material, size, design, and feature, while other device-specific filters are selectable for defibrillators.


92% of respondents were not missing any features. However, there were some suggestions for improvements. We will take a look at those and try to implement them. Some of these are already available today, such as filtering by availability (see explanations above) or listing individual items. These are to be stored in your account under "Quick order list." Click on the article under the shopping cart button "To the quick order list" and create different lists. Likewise, you see in the account under orders all their transacted. Also, from these, you can transfer articles into a new order.


Some survey participants were missing certain products in the portfolio. We have about 40000 articles in our portfolio, but they are not visible to everyone depending on the customer catalog and framework agreement. Don't hesitate to contact us for items articles, which we may activate individually for you.

The newsletter dispatch once a month also met with 92% approval. The rest would like to have a newsletter more often or a lower frequency.

You are welcome to send us constructive feedback at any time by mail, by order, or by support request.


Your Fleischhacker Team


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